It’s like a sauna in here……no mas pant…….I love that commercial. Makes me happy after a frustrating tech day

I had an awesomely productive day.  I love days like today until they blow up.  Let’s backtrack.  Today was good.  Our office is getting ready to host our first of the year National ADA Symposium in Orlando.  We leave a week from tomorrow, so we’re gearing up before we go.  I printed all of the programs today, packed up supplies, LCD projectors, signage, etc. I put out several fires on the fiscal side of work red tape/paperwork fixes, got the god damned credit card machine activated, which I’ve been avoiding and which has sent me to the limit of my patience trying to figure out if everything was connected, downloaded. Copious calls to Commerce Bank, our IT dept, yada yada yada.  I think the gals at Commerce Bank must think I’m a moron, but whatever…..we got it done.  All bills paid, credit card report done, Mo X scheduled, payroll in progress.  So………….I did the bank deposit, had a cocktail with friends, came home, ate a healthy dinner of fish and salad, and sat down to see if my new laptop (after many days of IT intervention) would finally connect to my home wireless.  I was all set to blog in a different direction than where I’m goin’ now.  Needless to say, the damn thing still won’t connect.  My old one, which IT got up and running again will connect.  Same house, same room, same network.  Grrrrrr.  I HAVE to have it connect when I go to Orlando next Friday.  I am beside myself with the technical problems of a BRAND NEW LAPTOP. through work.   I am going to be a woman on a mission tomorrow, and if IT can’t get it working at MY HOUSE, I am giving it back and buying a new DELL direct from the website.  I understand that technical difficulties happen.  We deal with it.  But this has been a not good experience with this new one.  I’d like to throw it out of the window.  I have 7 days to make things right, whether it is fixing the new one or sending it back and ordering another new one.  Grrrrrrrr. 

   Friday should be fun.  And it will , one way or another.  I’ll work, got to fit in another spray tan.  The first was awesome.  I looked tan right away.  Ha.  I can’t do the real tanning booths due to my history of cancer and radiation, but the spray is awesome.  I just want a base for the Florida trip.  Too fun.

  My sister emailed me to tell me that she was watching Jeopardy today, and I had my own category.  MARTHA.  It was funny, because I watch Jeopardy almost every day, and watched it today.  She missed the final answer, so I was able to provide it.  Ha.  She’s going on a trip with her husband to Australia/New Zealand tomorrow.  I wish them much fun and exploration, and excitement, and relaxation.  I am jealous that you both have retired.  I think I will work until the day I die.  Unless I meet a rich man in Florida.  Hmmmmmm..  You never know.

   What else?  I am so off track from what I intended to talk about.  The tech stuff throws me.  I need to take a deep breath and chill.  It’s hard to do because I’m revved up.  Oh, last week, my dentist did a filling on #10 and the whole left side of my face became swollen and then developed a huge purple bruise.  wierd, and ugly.  He put me on steroids, which are kinda like speed, and I don’t think the effects have quite worn off yet.  That’s not all bad, because I get alot done when I’m revved up.  The bruise went from purple to bluish, to green and yellowish, and now it’s about gone.  It was not pretty.  I was not happy.  Med doc really didn’t have much explanation about what might have caused it, but said I should be OK.  Every time I have something different/strange/weird happen with my body, I have some concern and check it out.  Since chemo and radiation, I just check things out.  Dr. Wung said that’s a safe thing to do, so that’s what I do.  I take some chances, but I look after myself pretty well. 

  OK, it’s time to stop.  I’m off track.  Maybe I’ll write more this weekend , I’m not sure.  So much to say, but I was unpredictable distracted tonight with the technical issues.  Sorry, I’ll let it go.  For  now.  Maybe a new pair of should would help?  Ya think?

Nite.  More later.  Tell me about your technicala furors.  I know you all have some.


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